Storing food well will keep it from going bad and help you minimise losses in your food business. It will also reduce cases of food poisoning caused by preparing and serving bad food to your customers. A convenient way of storing your food is by preserving it a cold temperature storage room. The cold conditions do not encourage bacteria or fungi to thrive. However, you need a good door to seal the entry into the storage room while enabling you to use power efficiently. This is where the rapid roll doors come in handy. Here's how rapid roll doors ensure energy efficiency:

Air Tightness

The entry door is an important aspect of a cold temperature food storage room. The door ensures that the cold air remains within the storage room and that the warm air outside does not infiltrate into the storage room. Particularly, rapid roll doors have insulated frames and guides that guarantee a tight, air proof seal once the door glides into position. Air tightness is important because it reduces the amount of power used to cool the room to the desired temperature whenever warm air finds its way into the storage facility.


An efficient way for you to ensure energy efficiency while keeping the storage room cool is by reducing the flow of traffic into and out of the room. If you can minimise the number of times that people have to go into the storage room, then you can ensure energy efficiency. However, this is not easily achievable especially if you are running a super busy restaurant where fresh supplies have to be taken to and from the kitchen now and then. In such a case, rapid roller doors will help you achieve energy efficiency through their speed, sealing the storage room as soon as people enter or leave. This speed is necessary for ensuring temperature stability. A slow-closing door allows the storage room to be filled with spikes of warm air, and you will use more power to restore the desired cold temperature.

Made to fit

The rapid roll doors fit the size of your doorway perfectly. Unlike other types of roll doors that can leave space at the base of the door after installation, rapid roll doors have a rubber strip at the base to guarantee a perfect fit. The rubber strip acts as an insulator that prevents the exchange of heat between the floor and the material of the door, helping to maintain the storage temperatures.