Moving into a new house is often filled with excitement. However, this excitement quickly fades away when the time comes to undertake repairs and renovation-related activities that will give the house a more personal touch and a more homey feel.

Many times, the bathroom is among the first sections of the house that a homeowner will think of remodelling. This article discusses two important factors that homeowners should have in mind before they settle for a new bathroom floor made of mosaic glass tiles.

Matters Of Safety

When choosing between different types of bathroom tiles, the safety of those that will use the bathroom should be a priority.

There are valid concerns about how safe mosaic glass tiles are when used in residential bathroom areas. The bathroom is a pre-dominantly wet area and glass tiles are known to be rather slippery when wet.

While such a situation may sound hazardous, it is worth pointing out that these bathroom floor tiles are manufactured with a protective glaze on the tile surfaces. The protective glaze improves the slip resistance of bathroom tiles, thereby making it safer to walk on the glass floor.

Using smaller individual pieces of mosaic glass tile on the bathroom floor also achieves the same effect. Installing smaller individual pieces of tile creates the need for a higher number of grout lines that connect adjacent tiles. Grout lines provide the additional grip required for enhanced slip resistance.

Matters Related To Rigidity

There are also legitimate concerns about the rigidity (hardness) of mosaic glass floor tiles, which is both a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing in the sense that mosaic glass tiles are not likely to crack as a result of sudden impact. These tiles will exhibit commendable durability when used in residential bath areas. The hard nature of these glass tiles proves to be a curse in the event of a slip-and-fall accident within the bathroom area. Vinyl flooring (for example) within the bath area would make for a "softer" landing surface in the event of a slip-and-fall accident.

There's no way to fully prevent slip-and-fall accidents in the bathroom area. Thus, homeowners should think twice before they chooses to install mosaic glass bathroom tiles in a bathroom that is frequently used by the elderly and the very young. These two categories of bathroom users will be at a greater risk of slipping and falling whenever they use the bathroom area.