The task of selecting the right plastic sheets for your industrial application may be daunting if you do not have a checklist to guide your decision-making processes. This article discusses some crucial questions that you should answer so that you pick the right plastic sheets for your needs.

What Temperature Will It Be Exposed To?

Assess the maximum and the minimum temperature to which the plastic sheets will be exposed during normal operations. Once you have that temperature range, add a margin of error so that in case the temperature spikes or drops beyond that level then the sheets will hold up. Only select a plastic sheet that is designed to withstand the temperatures that you have specified as expected in your industrial applications.

Which Chemicals Will the Plastic Sheets Be Exposed To?

Another key consideration that you should have in mind as you shop for plastic sheets is their chemical resistance. Different plastics are better suited for resisting exposure to different chemicals. It is therefore very important for you to read the specifications sheet of the plastic sheets that you wish to buy so that you confirm that they can withstand the corrosive effect of the chemicals in your industrial complex. For instance, POM copolymer has a lower moisture absorption ability than nylon. Thus, the less absorptive plastic may provide more chemical resistance than the more absorptive plastic.

Will the Sheets Be Exposed to Sunlight?

Many plastic sheets can rapidly deteriorate if they are constantly exposed to sunlight. However, the addition of a UV radiation additive during the manufacture of that plastic sheet can increase the resistance of that sheet to UV light damage. Select plastic sheets that have been treated against UV radiation in case those sheets will be exposed to sunlight as you use them in your industrial complex.

How Strong Should the Plastic Sheets Be?

Plastic sheets are exposed to a wide variety of forces, such as tensile stress, crushing pressure and impact forces. Examine the specific stresses that the plastic sheets in your industrial application typically undergo. Once you know those forces, pick sheets that are designed to withstand those specific challenges to their strength.

Contact plastic sheet suppliers in your area for help in case you lack the technical expertise to assess your needs in terms of the factors covered in this discussion. Such technical assistance will help you to avoid costly mistakes when you are selecting plastic sheets to use in your industrial complex.