Tractors are among the most common types of agricultural machinery. They are useful for many types of operations and are rather invaluable for any farmer. One of the most important things to remember when it comes to using a tractor is that you make sure you use it safely and that you don't injure yourself while you're operating it. If you haven't been driving tractor on your farm before, there are a few things you should think about before and while you're driving to make sure you stay safe while driving. 

Handling roll over protective structure

The most important safety features on your tractor are the seat belts and the roll over protective structure. These are both made to protect you in case the tractor where to fall over or crash. Many tractors have a retractable roll over protection structure that can be removed when the tractor is parked. Something that is important to remember, however, is to never drive your tractor while the structure is retracted. This creates a great safety risk, as you're completely unprotected if your tractor were to tip over. The structure itself also poses a safety risk when it's retracted as it can pinch you when it's lying down behind your seat.

Walking the path before driving

When you're driving in terrain you're unfamiliar with, or if you're driving on a road after a storm, you should walk the path you intend to drive before you do it. This is to discover any fallen trees, big holes in the ground, or other safety risks that could injure you or your tractor if you were to drive into it. If you have to drive an unfamiliar path without walking it before, remember to drive very slowly and slow down significantly before every turn of the road to discover unfamiliar obstacles well before you risk driving into them.

Starting in a shed or garage

You should also be careful when you're starting the tractor. Never start it while it's in a closed shed or garage. You should open up the doors to the garage before you get in the tractor. This is important as you otherwise might risk getting affected by the toxic gasses a tractor emits. If it's not ventilated, these gases can cause you to faint. You also shouldn't do it as you then need to leave your tractor running without anybody to control it in the driver's seat. If the tractor where to start rolling, there's nobody in it to stop it, and it can create a very dangerous situation for you who's standing on the ground.