All metals, whether used or unused, have value. Some metals, however, have more worth compared to others. Even though most of the metal taken to scrap yards is steel, there are other highly paying metals. The best spots for profitable metals are the garage, kitchen and patio. If searching for scrap metals, it is important to know the major difference between metals.

There are ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are either made of iron or contain traces of it. A good example is steel. Non-ferrous metals lack iron and include copper, brass and aluminium. They are more profitable compared to ferrous metals. Let us look at each metal separately.


Items with low friction such as locks and valves contain brass. It is adaptive, sustainable and considered one of the most profitable metals. Its durability and shine make it a preferred option by other companies. In addition, it costs much more to create brass out of copper and zinc than to recycle. Search around for objects used every day such as taps, hooks, bolts, pins, jewellery, light fixtures and hand rails.


Highly coveted, most scrap yards accept copper which means you are guaranteed of some extra coin in the pocket. Making copper from the ores is capital and labour intensive. Industries opt for recycling of copper because there is no loss in the process, meaning all of the copper is recovered and at a minimal cost. Rummage around for wires, plumbing pipes or motors since they are likely to have it. Scrap yards do accept insulated copper wire. They will, however, only pay for the percentage recovered minus the weight of the plastic cover.


Industries go for recycled aluminium for their own use because they are guaranteed to release less gas emission and save on energy as well. Other raw materials required in the production of aluminium are also not used which contributes to minimizing of costs. These raw materials are lime, caustic soda and aluminium fluoride. The beauty of aluminium is that it can be recycled over and over again without losing its quality. You will find aluminium in roofing materials, old window frames, gutters, lawn furniture and soda cans among others.

People are aware that recycling is important for the environment. But most people do not know that it can be highly profitable. For more information about scrap metal, talk to a metal recycling company.