Because of their ability to transfer water from reservoirs located several feet below the ground, bore pumps are revered water pumps. Just like other mechanical systems, however, these water pumps can also develop problems at some point. When your pump is not working as it should, you won't make the most of your bore water supply.

Here is a guide to help troubleshoot 2 common problems experienced with bore pumps:

Poor flow 

Is your bore pump losing its water pressure such that water comes out of your taps at lower-than-usual speeds when the pump is turned on? If this is true, then there's definitely something wrong with the pump. There are several things that may lead to this problem: it could be that the pump is clogged and therefore can't pass water the way it used to; the valve designed to allow water into the pump may be faulty; air might have leaked into the suction line, just to highlight a few common causes.

So as to fix this problem, make sure the foot valve is replaced if it is faulty. This way, water can be freely pumped into the system. To restore your pump's prime, look for another water source and connect it to your pump with a garden hose. Once you are done making the necessary connections, turn on water from the donor building to rid of any air leaks or clogs present in your pump system.

But before you can conclude that it is your pump that has a problem, check whether there's sufficient water in your borehole: it could be that the poor flow is due to a decline in water levels inside the borehole.

Noisy operation

Does your bore pump produce too much noise when it is running? If it does, then you shouldn't ignore the noise as it may indicate existence of pump troubles. Pump noise that tends to get louder over time may be a sign of exacerbating problems. Therefore, you should inspect your pump immediately you realise it is making excessive noise.

Most likely causes of noisy operation include: poor lubrication, excessive wear of parts, maladjustment of impellers, etc. In order to rectify the problem, you will need to ensure that your pump is properly lubricated, worn parts are replaced and the impellers in the gearbox are adjusted back into position.

With this troubleshooting guide, you can be able to tell what the matter is when your bore pump supplies water at low speeds or makes excessive noise when running.