Bending is an important process in the manufacture of industrial pipes and tubes. Most pipes and tubes are used as structural or passageway components in the production of furniture frames, handrails, hydraulic systems, and water lines among others. Technology in the bending industry has seen the introduction of tube and pipe bending software that facilitates the process of bending during fabrication. So, what is tube and pipe bending software and why should you consider it?

Tube and pipe bending software basics

The process of tube and pipe bending requires accurate determination of the exact angle to create a perfect bend with no collision. Manual mathematical calculation and estimation can be cumbersome. You are bound to make wrong calculations and end up with wrinkles on your tubing.

Tube and pipe bending software comes in to eliminate the manual estimation. The software allows you to create a simulated version of the pipe which you can manipulate at will. Once you get the right dimensions and bending angle, you can transfer these measurements to your actual tubing. What's more, you get instructions to guide you along.

Benefits of using tube and pipe bending software

There are various reasons why you should consider automating your work with tube and pipe bending software. They include the following:

•    Eliminates trial and error

Many people who use pipe bending machines refer to the process as one with unavoidable trial and error. Human calculations can often be wrong and result in folds on the metal, bending at the wrong angle, or even breaking of the tubing. With the use of this software, trial and error is eliminated as you get to create a prototype before transferring the measurements to the tubing.

•    Allows you to focus on pipe design

Too much time spent manipulating mathematical calculations for the perfect bend can deter you from focusing on the tubing design and its implementation. However, the tube and pipe bending software does the math for you allowing you to focus on other important aspects of the process. With your attention focused on implementation of the design, you are bound to produce a seamless product.

•    Offers the benefits of automation

Tube and pipe bending software not only takes care of the math, but it also helps detect any interference during the bending process. For example, if the pipe bends are too close to each other, the software will detect this and advice on the minimum distance required between the bends. It can also help you test different bending sequences for the best outcome.

Tube and pipe bending software is an excellent technology that ensures that the induction bending job is accurate and precise. It is time saving and helps improve workmanship efficiency in the operations.