Many companies have old wooden and shipping storage crates that they toss out but that are still in relatively good condition. They may be legally obligated to use new crates for certain shipments, or may find that the crates have gotten a bit soft or otherwise won't work for them while still being durable for other uses. Note a few fun and simple home projects you might consider using old wooden storage and shipping crates that you might find being discarded, or which you might buy for very cheap from a nearby shipping facility.

Adding wheels

Adding wheels to the bottom of a wooden crates gives you lots of options for mobile storage. You might want to cut a piece of plywood to fit the bottom of the crate and glue it over the bottom boards, for added strength and to ensure the slats won't split when you drill holes to add the caster wheels. Opt for a small crate with plastic wheels that won't tear up your home's carpeting, and you have a mobile toy box for the children. A larger crate might work as a laundry bin; you can even have several crates lined up in your closet to help you sort laundry; one for whites, one for colors, one for delicates, and so on.

Adding shelving

You can add rows of shelving inside crates for storage units for any room of the home. Turn a crate on its side to it's taller rather than wider, and gently nail some cut boards to the inside. You can also drill small holes to the sides and slide in a wooden peg that supports the shelf you add to the inside. You now have a convenient storage rack for use next to the bathtub or to keep shoes organized by the front door.

To create a desk, use two crates of the same height, ensuring that they're tall enough to support a desk space. Cut a long piece of plywood to sit on top of the crates. Be sure to stain or paint the plywood and add a sealant so it provides a good desk space. You can individualize this piece by making it as wide or narrow as you want; keep the crates close together so you can just slide a chair between them, or create a longer piece with a very wide piece of plywood that can accommodate two people working side by side. The crates work as the legs of the desk while also providing open shelving for storage.