If you're having a home or other building built, then one of the things that you might be worried about right now is the foundation. You might have talked to your builder, or even a foundation installation professional, and they might have told you that a screw pile system is going to be the best choice. Now, you might be wondering about the type of screw pile system that will be used when your foundation is installed. These are some of the different things that can impact the type of screw pile system that will be used.

The Area Where You Live

First of all, you should know that there are building codes that have to be kept in mind when homes and other structures are being built. Because an improperly built foundation can cause safety issues, many jurisdictions do have requirements about the types of foundations that can be used, how deep these foundations should be, how many screw piles are needed for each structure, and more. Therefore, you should know that your foundation installation company should follow these recommendations and requirements when choosing a screw pile system for your foundation.

The Type of Soil You're Building On

The type of soil that your structure is being built on will have an impact on the type of screw pile system that will be used for your foundation. If you're having a structure built on soil that isn't very stable, for example, longer screw piles will have to be used so they can be screwed further into the ground. This is important to be sure that the structure will have a secure foundation. Of course, you should have any site preparation work done first; then, the foundation installer can get an idea of the type and stability of the soil. Then, they can determine how deep your foundation needs to be and what type of screw pile system they will need to use.

The Size of the Structure That's Being Built

Naturally, the size of the structure that is being built will impact the screw pile system that is needed. After all, more screw piles are going to be needed for bigger buildings, and deeper screw piles will be needed for heavier structures. Because of this, you should definitely provide the building plans for your structure so your foundation installation professional can start with proper planning.

There are a few things that impact the type of screw pile system that will be needed for your foundation installation. With the help of a foundation installation professional, it should be easy for you to choose the right foundation for your structure.